About Me

Words, words, words…

Some of them being: multi-award-nominated (multi-never-won) writer for magazines including The Fly (R.I.P.), Disorder, Filter (now Flood), Record Collector and Music Week among others; writing features on the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Wild Beasts, Mumford & Sons, Razorlight, Noah & The Whale and comedian Bill Hicks, a personal guru of incendiary passion whose memory I have sought to preserve with endless fuel and venting, and also (more effectively) with frequent involvement in commemorative Bill Hicks tribute nights. I have also created biographies for Embrace, Augustines, Delays, The Boxer Rebellion, Sweet Tooth, among others, and am freely available for hire/bribery should any musical troubadours be happening by this unworthy introduction.

If you want to know more or discuss my internet guide to being a Luddite, send a carrier pigeon on a wild goose chase to the coup d’etat for a free download of quills, or just do like everyone else does since the dawn of the internet – pretend you TOO are a writer and send your senseless glossolalia hence:


The nest is silence.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. KATE BROLAN says:

    How many Brolan’s in the UK?

  2. Kevino says:

    Love you x

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