AUGUSTINES – official biography

Marking the return of Augustines frontman William McCarthy’s return to the UK for a solo tour, here he is with his emergent troupe bobbing up and down on the banks of the Thames in London, on the crest of an impending wave…




Written by Stephen Brolan 

“Keep your head up, kid/I know you can swim/But you’ve got to move your legs…”

March 2011 – a ship on the River Thames in London. Though the weather is unusually clement for this time of year, the waters beneath us continue to ripple at a seasonal gallop, rocking the ship’s hull back and forth in a rhythmic canter. Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson, the engine room behind Brooklyn, New York’s Augustines, are themselves no strangers to turbulent waters. McCarthy in particular, whose volatile upbringing is candidly documented in both his band’s biographical notes and the lyrics of his songs, has felt himself frequently capsized by the vagaries of life. Having spent much of his formative years in foster care – a castaway from a schizophrenic mother and a non-existent father – a sense of self-reliance is perhaps more finely attuned in him than most.

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