Noah and the Whale – Bestival, Isle Of Wight





Written by Stephen Brolan

And the Heavens opened. And the Earth, with all its sin, corruption and Peaches Geldofs, fell under the wrath of a vengeful God. And verily the people of the world and all its animals got absolutely pissed on. And there followed an almighty flood. And thus was it done…

Don’t panic. The Fly hasn’t gone all Old Testament on your arses. We’re merely reporting on fancy-dress extravaganza Bestival 2008, where it seems the namesake of the band we’re here to interview – that being folk-rocking four-piece Noah And The Whale – has brought the goddamn weather with him. Biblical things are indeed afoot. It’s not so much raining cats and dogs here – it’s actually raining every fucking animal in the world. Two of each, obviously. And it’s here The Fly finds himself, garbed in flowing brown (and getting browner)…

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