Faded Seaside Glamour – Ten-Year Anniversary Edition

(Rough Trade)

“Can you hear that knocking in your soul?”

Even after a decade, the initial bars of opener Wanderlust – a glistening waterfall of steel-drum melodies overlain with Greg Gilbert’s angelic vocals – instils an ambivalence that at once warms the soul while sending shivers down the spine. Aptly titled Faded Seaside Glamour, this post-Britpop gem coupled star-spangled melody with a plaintive nostalgia that brought emotional depth to a musical climate that was electioneering on single dimensions.

That Delays have fallen out of the spotlight in recent times makes the re-emergence of this sublime debut all the more essential. Never part of the trend but fervently beloved of those that discovered them, Delays have always trod their own path in a culture of conformity, and the enduring sound that still exists herein shows just how unique this band were ­– and still are.

Comprising classic singles such as the ethereal Nearer Than Heaven and semi-surreal call to arms Long Time Coming, this is an album that has scaled heights, but also has grounding. Tracks such as the fibrous No Ending and Satellites Lost demonstrate an inordinate amount of depth, while the sensual seduction of Stay Where You Are is virtually a fuck put to tape – one of the sexiest tunes ever made.

Delays, as their moniker suggests, were always behind schedule in their own time – but the re-release of this treasure, and its enduring relevance, shows Delays really are worth the wait. Again.

After ten years, that soul is still knocking, and that glamour is far from faded.

Stephen Brolan

*This article is also published in BrumNotes magazine

DELAYS – ‘Faded Seaside Glamour: Tenth Anniversary Edition’ review


One thought on “DELAYS – ‘Faded Seaside Glamour: Tenth Anniversary Edition’ review

  1. Crawford says:

    Unbelievable album , class band, how bands like this go under the radar and the shite that clogs up the charts exists baffles me

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