The Heavy Mind Sessions

(Lost Chord)

They’re everywhere, aren’t they: acoustic guitar-wielding singer-songwriters, who seem to monopolise every wedding party, festival love-in and street corner going, baring their souls willy-nilly like emotional streakers with a loose g-string. In such a ubiquitous field of rampant earnestness, it takes something pretty special to stand out from this militia of melancholy.

That our first encounter with Daniel Glover was a live show performed at a tribute night to Bill Hicks was an apt context in which to encounter such a talent – someone who, like the great comedian himself, really seems to mean it. The Heavy Mind Sessions is a live-recorded mini-album that delves deeper and ranges further than most manage in an entire, fully rounded album.

A solitary artist, Glover’s songs nevertheless conjure orchestras and elaborate arrangements that transcend the rawness of their delivery. Opener Chase Our Dreams elicits the ghost of Jeff Buckley and aligns it with Mumford & Sons’ sporadic playfulness – a haunted house that howls with insouciant joy; the title track recalls Buckley’s rendition of Hallelujah with some additional aggression, while Wasting My Life closes the record with a heart-on-sleeve candour that parallels the conviction of Bill Hicks – completely and utterly playing from the heart.

Beautiful, passionate and replete with soul, Daniel Glover’s place in Hell is assured. After all, that’s where all the best tunes are.

Stephen Brolan

* Full album review will be published in the April edition of Brumnotes magazine

Daniel Glover – The Heavy Mind Sessions (album review)


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