EMBRACE – ‘Refugees’ EP review

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Embrace – Refugees EP (Cooking Vinyl)

If you’re going to return after a long stint away – as might be the case with a reconciled relationship – yours is an obligation to demonstrate change, while also retaining the essence of what made love happen in the first place.

And so back into our lives stride Embrace, proffering a four-track bouquet of songs that seeks to atone for their seven-year absence. So what’s new, stranger?

Well, initially it’s Danny McNamara’s falsetto impersonation of bollock-free imp Jimmy Somerville, as Refugees initiates our reconciliation with a prodigal-son version of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy – almost note for eunuch-toned note.

However, the difference here is that Danny has rarely sounded so confident in his own vocals – always a bone of contention with his detractors – as he produces a velvety pitch that hovers liltingly over an incessant melody rumbling beneath, creating…

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