Ultrasound – Record Collector review


London, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

View: Under Tiny’s massive shadow

Back after over ten years in the wilderness, Ultrasound set out their stall initially to remind rather than reveal. The tsunami-sized ‘Floodlit World’ demonstrates in a blazing refrain the sheer power of the guitar chord, forever-young guitarist Richard rocking back and forth like a drunken baby, while backing-vox vixen Vanessa warbles beautifully ’neath a wig that makes her look like a lap-dancing Myra Hindley. But it’s frontman Tiny, voice (and stomach) as colossal as ever, demonstratively finger-wagging his way through new single ‘Welfare State’, that sets the tone for the ’Sound mkII, his words “We’ve been away for a while, but we were never in style” branding the air with incendiary intent. With new album ‘Play For Today’, Ultrasound not only have the tunes they always used to have, they’re also palpably more determined. As Tiny clenches fist and tilts his weary but defiant face to the ceiling during Pink Floyd-esque stadium-bound newbie ‘Between Two Rivers’, the sheer physical size of the frontman pales into anorexic proportions next to the reveal of a gargantuan soul that, after a decade suspended, soars with unstoppable, almost dangerously Lazarushian zeal.

Never saw them first time round, but this is love at second sight.

Stephen Brolan


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